In our debut post for our Provider Profile series, we are featuring Seven to Seven customer Kate Norton, a Family Nurse Practitioner on her daily inspiration and how our clothing benefits her professional life.

Full Name: Kate Norton


City You Live In: Atlanta, GA

Title/Position: Critical Care Nurse

Hospital/Office Name: Piedmont Hospital

What about your career makes you feel proud? The ability to impact lives on a daily basis.

What inspired you to be doing what you are in your career? As a teenager, I suffered a traumatic brain injury. I always remembered the nurses who took care of me and wanted to share that with others.

Why do you think the appearance of the medical professional is important? What impact does it have on the work you do? I think appearance allows us to project an image of professionalism to our patients and their families. Right now, I am wrapping up my Family Nurse Practitioner clinical rotations and when I wear my white lab coat, people instantly pay attention and are respectful.

What other jobs do you have? Wife and student!

As a busy women, what is most important to you when getting ready? I must admit I am not the best in putting together outfits! That is what drew me to Seven to Seven. From my lab coat to the scrub tops, I feel confident and stylish without having to think about it. It definitely reduces stress in the morning!

Word of wisdom for other women in your profession? Never forget that our calling is a noble one and that each day we have the chance to make a difference.


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